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Soft & Gentle Rosemary Verbenone

Rosemary has become a very popular essential oil. Its pungent sweet herbaceous fragrance is invigorating, helping to support productivity, focus, and [...]

Refresh with Organic Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is an herbal star of the holidays, but it’s valued in ways that go beyond peppermint bark flavored hot [...]

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil: Powerful and Productivity-Boosting

If you’re a gardener or frequent cook, you’re likely familiar with rosemary’s intoxicating aroma. Harnessing this fragrance, organic rosemary essential oil packs [...]

How to Clean your AromaTru Essential Oil Diffuser

You don’t need the excuse of spring cleaning to refresh your AromaTru essential oil diffuser. Why? Because it’s so simple [...]

What is a Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser and Why Does it Matter?

Perhaps you notice your diffuser as soon as its warm, comforting fragrance welcomes you as you return home after a [...]