What is a Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser and Why Does it Matter?

Perhaps you notice your diffuser as soon as its warm, comforting fragrance welcomes you as you return home after a long day. But do you know how it works? If you sniff around, you will find that there’s one type of diffusion technology that’s better for you, the oils, and your home. So let’s take a look at what exactly a waterless essential oil diffuser is, and why it matters.

Problems with Standard Ultrasonic Diffusers

Consider this Diffusion 101, and AromaTru is your professor.

As one of the more popular ways to diffuse, ultrasonic technology has made its way into many cheap diffusers. Like the name suggests, ultrasonic diffusers create ultrasonic oscillations or, in layman’s terms, inaudible high-frequency sound waves.

When plugged into an outlet, there’s a plate inside the ultrasonic diffuser that begins to vibrate. This creates waves that break the essential oils down into teeny-tiny droplets. In order for these essential oil particles to be dispersed into the air, it’s necessary to add water to the diffuser’s tank. Once broken down, the microscopic essential oil droplets blend with water to be dispersed into the air as a fine mist.

While ultrasonic diffusers are superior to some other types of systems because they don’t use heat or a noisy fan, they still have some drawbacks:

  • The user must regularly add water to the system—and clean it often to prevent bacteria growth or the spread of mold.
  • Ultrasonic diffusers lack the diffusion power of other types of diffusers, meaning they provide a weaker aromatic richness and are only suitable for smaller rooms.
  • When tap water is used, impurities (chlorine, lead, arsenic, PFAS, etc.) are sent out into the air.
  • Blended with water, the diffuser’s essential oils can become more prone to oxidation. Oxidized essential oils can compromise the respiratory system or harm the skin.

Why the Best Essential Oil Diffusers Don’t Require Water

The above reasons are why the best essential oil diffuser is one that doesn’t require water! The main reason AromaTru decided to use a waterless essential oil diffuser? YOU!

Without the need for H2O, you won’t have to worry about whether to use bottled or distilled water, nor will you have to regularly clean your system so that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for mold or bacteria growth (talk about self-scare).

In fact, you won’t really have to do anything at all—as AromaTru’s smart atomizing diffuser technology does most of the work for you! The only thing you’ll have to do is customize your fragrance experience. You can use the four oils in one of AromaTru’s essential oil collections, diffuse just a single oil, or create your own blend.

Anywhere from one to four essential oil bottles can be screwed directly into AromaTru’s patented carousel. You won’t need to count drops or add water because the waterless diffusion system will pass a stream of air over an oil droplet to atomize (reduce a substance to very fine particles) an ultra-fine mist of pure aroma into your space.




Experience state of the art, waterless atomizing diffusion for yourself today! Bring AromaTru into your home and you’ll never go back to ultrasonic diffusers and the mess, maintenance, and sub-par diffusion they offer.