Soft & Gentle Rosemary Verbenone

Rosemary has become a very popular essential oil. Its pungent sweet herbaceous fragrance is invigorating, helping to support productivity, focus, and confidence. Rosemary Verbenone, rosemary’s softer, gentler “cousin” comes with its own unique set of benefits. Let’s explore this fresh, woodsy, and herbaceous essential oil.


What is Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil?

Like traditional rosemary essential oil—Rosmarinus officinalis ct cineole— Organic Rosemary Verbenone Oil is extracted (steam-distilled) from the leaves of the rosemary plant. However, the main difference is that in this case, the essential oil comes from Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone. This is a different chemotype (ct) of rosemary that is higher in verbenone (a terpene found in a variety of plants).

This higher concentration of the specific terpene gives Rosemary Verbenone its pleasant aroma, making it a highly sought-after aromatherapy choice. It’s woody-herbaceous, somewhat minty, sweet, and more gentle and soft than other chemotypes of rosemary.

Native to the Mediterranean region, Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone grows in sun-drenched areas in southern France, Spain, Portugal, northern Africa, and the Middle East. Like its more conventional counterpart, the verbenone-rich chemotype is a drought-resistant shrub that flowers in early summer through fall.


Why a Milder Aroma of Rosemary?

So, why might people choose Rosmarinus officinalis ct verbenone over traditional Organic Rosemary Oil? While they both have their benefits, a milder sweet-herbaceous scent may be preferred by some people and in some instances. This is especially true when pairing rosemary with other essential oils.

Rosemary Verbenone will be tamer when paired with soft essential oils like Frankincense, Cedarwood, Ylang, Ylang, or Geranium. The finely balanced, peppery, fresh green, somewhat camphoraceous aroma also works well with:


Encourage a Positive Spirit with Organic Rosemary Verbenone

When you insert a bottle of pure, Organic Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil into your AromaTru Waterless Diffuser, you’ll be introducing a delightfully sweet, verbena-scented fragrance into your space. The herbaceous aroma is perfect for encouraging a buoyant positivity of spirit. Why not try out this gentle—yet supportive—essential oil today?

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