Organic Rosemary Essential Oil: Powerful and Productivity-Boosting

If you’re a gardener or frequent cook, you’re likely familiar with rosemary’s intoxicating aroma. Harnessing this fragrance, organic rosemary essential oil packs the potency of dozens of shrubs into a tiny bottle. The cleansing, herbal, and somewhat citrusy aroma is perfect when diffused on its own, or blended with other essential oils.

For many reasons, rosemary has been revered for millennia. Its invigorating and energizing scent is finding its way into the hearts of many modern people. As we explore rosemary’s many benefits below, it’s easy to see why.

Rosemary Essential Oil:

How It’s Made

Rosemary, or Rosemarinus officinalis , is one of the most popular aromatic plants. The distinctive herb is native to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Now, it’s easy to spot rosemary growing in nearly all areas of the world.

The evergreen shrub is known for its pointed, needle-like leaves and distinct, woody aroma. It’s these leaves that become organic rosemary essential oil. Once collected, the leaves and the white, purple, pink, or blue flowers are steam distilled to become the sweet-herbaceous, camphoraceous aroma we all know and love.

A Herb with Many Uses

Rosemary has been treasured for thousands of years—and for far more than its energizing scent. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures viewed the evergreen rosemary shrub with great significance—and in some cases, as a sacred plant. More recently, parts of the plant have been incorporated into wedding ceremonies. The essential oil has an energetically herbaceous, piney, and citrus-like aroma. Containing all of the plant’s core components, rosemary essential oil produces an all-around pleasing aroma with a range of benefits.

Invigoration, Confidence, Purpose

Since organic rosemary essential oil imparts revitalizing properties, many people like it as a support for memory retention, focus, and alertness. Its warm, stimulating fragrance proves to be a good companion during long drives or while working overtime. There’s just something about its fresh, sweet, and slightly camphoraceous aroma that enlivens and perks up any space. This energizing essential oil can also aid confidence and promote a sense of purpose.

Only the Purest and Most Potent Will Do

In need of a jump-start? When you insert a blend of organic rosemaryeucalyptus globulusbergamot, and black pepper essential oils into your AromaTru Waterless Diffuser, you’re getting pure, potent productivity support. We only use USDA Certified Organic and Wildcrafted essential oils, and with our atomizing technology the oils are never diluted with tap water. It’s aromatherapy at its finest.