Why Self Care is Important

An Interview with AromaTru’s Project Manager

After exploring the Breathe Essential Oil Collection and how Black Spruce Essential Oil can help us slow down and unwind, we set out to explore self-care a little deeper. So, we got tips from AromaTru’s Digital Assets Manager, Michelle. Here’s what Michelle had to say about the need for self-care, remedies for R&R, and some of her favorite rejuvenating practices.


What is Self Care?

Signals for the Need to Slow Down

In today’s world, busy lives and overwhelm are all too common. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work, family, and social lives. For some, it can be difficult to tune into our inner world to notice a need for self-care.

If you’re guilty of not heeding to calls to slow down, pay attention to sleep schedules that are off, or the need for that fourth cup of coffee for the day. Increased irritability, a bombardment of negative thoughts, or excessive cravings for foods you know won’t nourish your body could also be some signs that you need to show yourself a little love.

For Michelle, stress can be felt in her body. She may notice tense shoulders, shallow breathing, or a headache. If it’s really bad, she recognizes that she doesn’t have much patience for her kids doing what she called, “perfectly normal kid stuff”—something many of us can relate to!

At this point, Michelle recognizes that her current level of stress, activity, and exertion can’t be sustained—so she turns to self care practices.

Essential Oil Combinations for Rest and Relaxation

When asked about her favorite R&R essential oil remedies, Michelle responded that Lavender and Frankincense are her go-to’s. She uses True Lavender to relax her body and mind and Frankincense for its soothing qualities.

For anyone navigating difficult day-to-day stress, consider Michelle’s recommended blend of True LavenderSweet Orange, Lemon, and Palmarosa. While working from home, she uses at 10 AM and said that she can “roll with whatever unexpected thing comes my way the rest of the day.”


Other Self-Care Practices that Incorporate Essential Oils

For Michelle, using essential oils in ways that go beyond her AromaTru Essential Oil Diffuser also supports her self-care practices.

For a luxurious bath, she adds a tablespoon of olive oil and a drop or two of Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oils to help her relax. Through the year, Michelle will also use essential oils while making her own all-purpose cleaner. During September and October she adds Peppermint, because it’s great for keeping the spiders away.

For years, Michelle has been unwinding by taking the time to make her own lotion. Due to California’s heat, the high-quality cocoa and shea butters are prone to quickly becoming rancid. Since they don’t have any preservatives or additives, she’s found that a little Lemongrass Essential Oil does the trick to make them less vulnerable to the heat. Plus it smells amazing!



Take the Time For You

You know what they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. We hope this serves as a reminder to take the time for YOU. You can only be the best employee, partner, friend, and parent if you occasionally slow down to show yourself some love. Consider Michelle’s self-care practices next time you’re due for some TLC.