Warmth & Vitality For October: The Mojay Scents of the Month

It’s October! Finally, there’s that sharp crispness in the air and the leaves are turning to all of those beautiful burnished colors. It’s time for sweaters and boots, Practical Magic is streaming everywhere, and the stores are stocked up on pumpkin spice everything. What’s not to love about this time of year? Well, okay… so the days are getting shorter, we’re about to lose an hour of sleep—why is daylight savings still a thing?—and both the longer stretches of darkness and the cooler temperatures can mean some sluggishness and loss of vitality. But that’s why we’ve asked our resident essential oils expert and world-renowned Aromatherapy publisher, Gabriel Mojay, to recommend the perfect essential oils to diffuse during the month of October, so you can enjoy every moment of the season!




The Gentle Lift of Sweet Orange

Organic Sweet Orange essential oil is expressed from the peel of the Citrus sinesis and has a sweet, sunny fragrance which is innately relaxing and uplifting, perfect for when we’re losing a couple hours of sunlight from our days. Sweet Orange is also known for its ability to help create a carefree feeling in the home or office, so diffuse it wherever you feel the need for a gentle lift in the atmosphere.



The Restorative Kick of Ginger

If you’re feeling really sluggish as we head into the cooler months, Organic Ginger essential oil is particularly good at helping to restore vitality. Its festive, spicy fragrance has just the right touch of sweetness and that combination of spicy and sweet is wonderfully invigorating.



The Heart-Warming Scent of Cinnamon

Not only does Organic Cinnamon Leaf essential oil carry that warm, nostalgic scent of the holiday season, but its fragrance is also mentally and physically invigorating. If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated, diffuse Cinnamon Leaf for a greater sense of energy and optimism.



The Surprising Freshness of Black Pepper

Steam distilled from the fruit of the Piper nigrum plant, Organic Black Pepper essential oil has a fresh, spicy scent that is also surprisingly sweet and coniferous. This scent has the ability to help encourage a sense of determination and self confidence, so it’s a great essential oil to diffuse when morale is low.



How The Four Scents of the Month Work Together

As you may have noticed, all four of the essential oils for October are uplifting, energizing, and invigorating. Ginger, Cinnamon, and Black Pepper are common ingredients in holiday treats—pumpkin spice, anyone?—specifically because their spicy, warming qualities are a perfect boost in the colder months. Diffuse them with the citrusy freshness of Sweet Orange and not only will you create a synergistic, revitalizing tonic for your senses, but also bathe your indoor environment in a warm, celebratory glow. Just like your jack o’ lantern.

Handpicked by AromaTru’s own essential oil expert, Gabriel Mojay, each of these essential oils offers both a pleasing scent and a wealth of beneficial qualities, specifically chosen to help you feel your best this October. Remember, AromaTru is dedicated to offering only USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted essential oils, third-party tested for purity, so you can breathe easy, knowing you’ve brought only the best essential oils into your home. Try them today in your AromaTru Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser and make switching between oils or entire collections simple and easy, with no mess, fuss or cleanup.

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