Transport Yourself with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Dropping temperatures leave many of us craving trips to exotic places. Organic Ylang Ylang essential oil can “take” us there! While this essential oil promotes comfort and relaxation, its rich, sweet-floral fragrance can also transport us to a far-away destination. If you haven’t equipped your AromaTru with ylang ylang yet, this article will give you a few reasons to incorporate it into your diffusion rotation.

Ylang Ylang: What, Where, and How

The ylang ylang tree, or Cananga odorata , is a tropical species that is native to Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Queensland, Australia, and Thailand. The evergreen tree thrives in hot, humid environments and grows quickly—reaching heights up to 30 meters!

Ylang Ylang: What Does it Smell Like?

The essential oil is extracted from the tree’s bright yellow, star-shaped flowers. Each curly petal produces essential oil that is used for many purposes: as food flavoring; to make soaps; in lotion and shampoo; or to fragrance perfumes (like the iconic Chanel N°5).

Its scientific name gives it away: Cananga odorata , or ylang ylang, is treasured for its intoxicating odor. Imagine fruity and sweet, but balanced with richer, spicy notes. The romantic fragrance is often compared to that of honey, banana, jasmine, neroli, jasmine, and sandalwood. This exotic, intricate smell is truly one of a kind.

Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits

This fruity and flowery essential oil is also treasured from an aromatherapy perspective. When the aroma is inhaled, ylang ylang has been said to have calming qualities and to boost one’s mood. Some even report that it’s an effective aphrodisiac.

The romantic floral aroma can support feelings of calm, comfort, and relaxation—making it a perfect aromatherapy companion when autumn weather encourages a downshift in activities. Whether getting cozy and curling up with your favorite book, or staring out at gray skies and daydreaming about a vacation, ylang ylang essential oil can be there to support you this season.

Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Pairings

While the essential oil is powerful when diffused on its own, ylang ylang can also be paired with other essential oils for cumulative effects

The beauty of the AromaTru Diffuser is that you’re in full control. With a carousel capable of holding four essential oils, you can be your own aromatherapy expert. These suggested combinations can provide the foundation for you to curate your perfect essential oil blend. We hope you consider adding ylang ylang to the mix!