The Holiday Collection: An Interview with Gabriel Mojay

All of AromaTru’s essential oil collections have been carefully crafted by Gabriel Mojay, an aromatherapy author, educator, and all-around expert. We took the time to speak with him about the intention and expertise behind the Holiday Collection, and how he plans to enjoy it this winter.

Gabriel Mojay:

AromaTru’s Expert Advisor

Gabriel Mojay is a world-renowned aromatherapy expert. He has practiced clinical aromatherapy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine since 1987. Before moving to Northern California, where he now lives and works, Gabriel was Principal of a leading London-based aromatherapy institute and in 2002 co-founded the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

Lecturing on aromatherapy topics has taken Gabriel around the globe. His book, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit (published in 1996) was the first to synthesize both Eastern and Western approaches to aromatherapy. Translated into several different languages, the book has been well received around the globe.

More recently, Gabriel has harnessed his passion for medicinal and aromatic plant species (MAPS) to fight for their conservation. Drawing upon more than 35 years experience of working with plants, Gabriel was a director of the Airmid Institute, a California non-profit which works to raise awareness about the sustainability of MAPS, in addition to collaborating with and supporting Peruvian Shipibo communities. Gabriel continues to promote the vital work of Airmid.

To say that Gabriel is a wealth of knowledge is quite the understatement! His passion and expertise have been influential in AromaTru’s journey, as it has for his students and readers around the world. Gabriel’s dedication to natural healing is evident in the life-enhancing potential of the Holiday Collection, as well as AromaTru oils and collections suited for year-round use.


The Holiday Collection

Like a gift that keeps on giving, AromaTru’s Holiday Collection evokes all of the special elements of a meaningful holiday season, while imparting benefits that allow us to get the most out of our celebrations. The four carefully selected fragrances draw upon Gabriel’s love and special knowledge of essential oils, and will fill your home with aromas that have
been treasured for millennia.


Organic Balsam Fir Essential Oil

It’s no wonder why this sweet-coniferous fragrance would find its way into the Holiday Collection. When diffused, the gentle and uplifting Organic Balsam Fir Oil can make us feel like we’re stepping into a lush, decadently aromatic boreal forest.

According to Gabriel, “Balsam Fir brings the smell of the Christmas tree, the renewing piney-fresh scent of winter, into the Yuletide festivities.”


Whether a pine tree will make it into your home or not, Balsam Fir’s sweet, soothing aroma will conjure up images of what the holiday season is all about: a crackling fire, freshly-fallen snow, and a cozy connection with those we love most.


Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

If there’s another seasonal scent star of winter, it’s one that’s fresh and citrusy—which is why Organic Sweet Orange Oil also made it into the Holiday Collection. According to Gabriel, the effect of Organic Balsam Fir “is made sweet and uplifting by essential oil of Sweet Orange.”

It, too, transports us back to holiday celebrations of yesteryear, as oranges were often included in Victorian stockings. With a remarkable ability to instill a carefree, relaxed environment, Gabriel shared that it’s the perfect fragrance of celebration, particularly when children are present.



Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

A flavor that we associate with traditional winter beverages and apple cider punches, “essential oil of Cinnamon adds a warmth and sweetness of its own,” according to Gabriel. Organic Cinnamon Leaf Oil is a heart-warming holiday essential, especially due to its ability to energize, uplift, and warm the spirit.

When the cold, drab days of winter settle in, Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil can be diffused to help us shake off our shivers and settle into the wonders of the season


Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

“Finally, the Yuletide season would not be complete without the most Christmas scent of them all – Frankincense.”


Gabriel shared that, not only was Frankincense the “serenely beautiful traditional incense enjoyed at Christmas Eve Midnight Mass,” but it was also a cherished component of celebrations in “temples of worship of every kind.”

Throughout millennia, there are few more loved aromas than that of Frankincense. Like it did for Ancient Assyrians and Babylonians, the natural fragrance of Frankincense is still treasured for its ability to transform any atmosphere into one conducive to tranquility and
contemplation. Diffused during holiday celebrations, Organic Frankincense Oil imparts a soothing warmth and comfort for the mind, body, and soul.


Incorporate Gabriel’s Expertise Into Your Holiday Celebrations

Diffused together or separately, these four organic essential oils are sure to support magical moments this holiday season. However, if you’d like to incorporate suggestions from an aromatherapy expert into your celebrations, here’s a gift from Gabriel: advice on how to use the collection.

When asked about how he plans to use the Holiday Collection, here’s what Gabriel had to say:

“I’m going to program my own kit to diffuse a combination of Balsam Fir and Frankincense during the daytime to deepen the senses, and to uplift and inspire… In the evening I enjoy diffusing Cinnamon Leaf and Sweet Orange essential oils, for their warm, sweet and exotic festive cheer.”

Gabriel handpicked these four natural fragrances for their capacity to enhance family and spiritual connection. The organic sustainable essential oils are warm and uplifting and will transport us to places where our favorite holiday memories and traditions originated. We’d love to wish everyone fragrant holiday blessings from AromaTru.

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