The AromaTru Gift Guide: This Holiday Season’s One-Stop Shop

‘Tis the season! And not only are we ready for all that’s jolly, but we’re excited to pass it around. At AromaTru, we know how hard it can feel when you need to find the perfect gift for that friend who’s got “everything.” But here’s the deal with our friends who have everything: They’re also usually the friends who forget to slow down for a little self-care and treat themselves to the simple things that make their lives just a little easier. That’s why we’ve put together this Holiday Gift Guide for the ones who have everything except what they need!



For “Max,” The Minimalist

I, for one, am not a minimalist. But sometimes I wish I were. All those sleek lines. None of the clutter. Who doesn’t dream of living that way sometimes? Well, our friend, “Max,” the Minimalist, doesn’t just dream it, he lives it. But even a minimalist can enjoy a gift for the holidays if it serves a practical, simple purpose. That’s why, for Max, we recommend the original AromaTru Waterless Diffuser. It doesn’t need any water or heat to work its magic, extracting essential oils directly from their bottles in a process known as atomization, for the cleanest and safest diffusion every time. Plus, our revolutionary 4-oil carousel design allows you to diffuse a single oil or up to four scents at a time, giving Max the freedom to customize his aromatherapy experience toxin-free at the touch of a button. It has simple controls directly on the device and its frosted cover gives it a classic, sleek look that any minimalist would love.



Comfort: Max’s Perfect Essential Oil Collection

If our minimalist friend is only going to have one essential oil collection to keep things as simple as possible, how could we not recommend the collection that offers the quintessential comfort of aromatherapy? The Comfort Collection of essential oils consists of four oils that work together to soothe the body and calm the mind. True Lavender essential oil has been shown to help with feelings of anxiety, and is the ultimate calming oil. Palmarosa is soothing and comforting. Sweet Orange instills simplicity and contentment, and Ho Wood completes and unites these four essential oils with a deep, sweet-woody serenity. It’s everything Max needs from aromatherapy in one essential oil collection.



For “Betty,” The Busy Mom

Parents are always on the move, and “Betty” is busier than most. Between the cute Etsy shop she runs out of her home, the gorgeous home-cooked meals she makes, and all of the kids’ extracurriculars, you often wonder how she even finds time to breathe. That’s why the AromaTru Plus Diffuser is the perfect gift for your favorite busy mom. It has all of the features of the original AromaTru Diffuser, plus the little added luxury of four covers to choose from and a soothing light ring to set the mood, so you can ensure Betty’s new diffuser will look perfect in the home she’s worked so hard to create.



The Energize & Unwind Collections For Our Busy Mom

To truly support the life of our busy mom, Betty, we’d actually recommend two of our essential oil collections: the Energize Collection and the Unwind Collection. The Energize Collection consists of four invigorating oils to energize, warm, and uplift, to help Betty get through her busiest days. With Cinnamon, the essential oil of metabolic fire, Ginger, which invigorates circulation, Lemongrass for mental awakening, and Black Pepper, a revitalizing tonic for the muscles and body as a whole, the Energize collection will support Betty whenever she’s feeling tired and sluggish. Then we have the Unwind Collection. Consisting of Sweet Marjoram essential oil to promote restoration, Red Thyme to gently revitalize, Red Cedar to calm and empower, and Coriander Seed for relaxing and soothing, the Unwind Collection will give Betty the restorative down-time she needs.



For “Trish,” The Tech-Savvy

We all have that friend who has to have every new device, the smarter the better. Whether it’s the latest and greatest smartphone or that awesome new electric car, Trish, our ultimate tech-savvy friend, has all of the best gadgets. For someone like Trish, we recommend the AromaTru Smart Diffuser. Not only does it have all of the cutting-edge features of our other models but is Wi-Fi enabled and includes access to the AromaTru Smart App. This lets you personalize your infinite light show, schedule your custom fragrance blends, and get access to our encyclopedia of USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted essential oils and all of their benefits. What more could Trish want?




Introducing The Winter Collection

Created with four special oils designed to restore, energize, invigorate, and uplift your spirits, the Winter Collection of essential oils turns your space into a winter wonderland. Peppermint clears and refreshes the air. Pine instills vigor and positivity, while Sweet Marjoram offers a soothing and uplifting touch. Balsam Fir is revitalizing and refreshing, like a walk in a serene boreal forest. Together, they create a simple, harmonious blend that reflects the cooling energy and beauty of winter. The Winter Collection is the latest and greatest from our own essential oil and aromatherapy expert, Gabriel Mojay, which will tickle the fancy of any technophile.



The Holiday Collection: For Everyone Who Celebrates The Season

People often say that “the magic of the season is in the air!” The AromaTru Holiday Collection of essential oils brings that metaphor to life. With Frankincense, Cinnamon Leaf, Sweet Orange, and Balsam Fir, the Holiday Collection surrounds you with a warm, happy scent that is both energizing and comforting, a scent that is bursting with holiday cheer. And with the guaranteed purity of all of our essential oils, diffusing the Holiday Collection is safer for your family than the additives and perfumes found in so many of the holiday candles on the market. Only available during the holiday season, this collection of four organic essential oils is sure to support all of your holiday’s most magical moments.




Why It All Works For Anyone

At AromaTru, we obsess over every detail of our products to make aromatherapy safe, easy, and enjoyable. That’s why we guarantee the purity and quality of all of our essential oils, offering only USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted essential oils, created without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and using methods that promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. We never source our essential oils from threatened, at-risk, or endangered plant species, and we never use animal testing. Plus, all AromaTru Diffusers come with the AromaTru Satisfaction Guarantee. Try one in your home—or gift one to a friend—for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, simply contact us, and we will give you a refund—no questions asked. That’s why we think they’d make the perfect gift for anyone in your life.

From everyone at AromaTru: Have a warm, joyful, and fragrant holiday season!


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