Slow Down with Organic Black Spruce Essential Oil

When you can’t dissolve stress by heading off to a rustic cabin in the woods, Organic Black Spruce essential oil is the next best thing. Made from steam distilling the branches and needles of the Black Spruce, or Picaea Mariana, tree, this essential oil brings the conifer forest to you. Here’s why this sweet, fresh scent can support you when you’re in need of some self-care.


A Tree with a History

The Black Spruce is commonly found in wetlands or bogs in North America. Canada is where the tall, lanky evergreen tree can be found in abundance. As a member of the pine family, it has short green needles, which in certain habitats, take on a darker appearance—hence the name.

A tree with many uses, Black Spruce trees have been used to make paper, utensils, and even food flavoring. For some time, it was used to make beer. You may have even seen a Black Spruce Christmas tree!

Many Native American tribes also used the tree medicinally. For anything from inflammation, rashes, and burns to toothaches, sore throats, and respiratory infections, they used the Black Spruce’s gum, needles, and bark. It was also used to cleanse a space for spiritual healing.



Woody and Fruity Scent

More recently, Black Spruce has become valuable for its relaxing, calming aroma. The pungent, balsamic, and woody fragrance is useful in creating a sense of optimism and vitality. After a long day at the office or a hard workout, there’s nothing like Organic Black Spruce Essential Oil to return you to a state of calm and peacefulness.



Black Spruce Essential Oil Benefits

And this is because the Picea Mariana tree produces an essential oil that’s high in bornyl acetate. The chemical compound is found in oils extracted from conifers in the Pine family. Not only is it responsible for the essential oil’s “piney” aroma, but it’s also reported to have calming effects that encourage relaxation.

Combined with Organic Spearmint or Red Cedar, you can use Organic Black Spruce to create an invigorating scent blend. Used alone, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath, and use the woody scent to transport yourself to a favorite spot in nature.



Breathe Easier with Black Spruce

Having a diffuser like an AromaTru Smart Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best tools for self-care. When you equip one of the four atomizers on the diffuser carousel with an oil like Organic Black Spruce, you’re ready for relaxation. You can rest easy knowing that only the purest diffusion is taking place.

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