Relax into Romance with Patchouli Essential Oil

Spring is just beginning to warm the Earth, the earliest flowers are pushing through the soil, and romance is stirring. If there’s one essential oil that’s sure to bring that woodsy, seductive scent into your home, it’s patchouli. Made by steam-distilling the dried leaves of the Pogostemon cablin plant—a small, flowering herb that belongs to the mint family—patchouli has a surprisingly long, and often romantic history.

Traveling The Silk Road

Native to the island region of Southeast Asia, patchouli has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years. It first came west by traveling the Silk Road, but not as a medicinal herb. Instead, Patchouli’s dried, aromatic leaves were used to protect the silk shawls from moths and other vermin. These textiles were in such high demand in the markets of 18th and 19th century Paris, that this protection was vital. Once in France, it didn’t take long for shopkeepers to figure out that the most popular shawls were not of any particular color or design, but the ones that smelled most strongly of patchouli! The French perfumers soon began to import the leaves so they could add the musky, romantic scent of patchouli to their perfumes.


The Scent of Seduction

The patchouli oil scent can best be described as earthy, rich, spicy, and woody. It also has a musky tone that perfumers liken to sun-ripened apples and wine corks. These deep, seductive notes are why patchouli is so often added to incense, which is what led to its revival as a popular scent for the hippies of the 60s and 70s.


Patchouli Oil Benefits

  • Creates a serene or romantic environment
  • Has been known to relieve tension headaches, inflammation and respiratory ailments


The Perfect Pairings

The simplest way to pair patchouli is to try the AromaTru Sensual Blend. It combines patchouli with ylang-ylanggeranium, and rhododendron leaf for a blend that is both sultry and relaxing. If you like to create your own blends, patchouli’s woody, sensual scent also pairs well with rose or jasmine, to bring a floral depth to the aroma, or with sandalwood to further deepen its own rich, romantic tones.

With the AromaTru Diffuser, it’s easy to slip your patchouli oil onto the carousel to diffuse alone or with your favorite blend to create exactly the environment you wish for your space. With no water to worry about and the guaranteed purity of the AromaTru essential oils, you can relax as you bring the romance of early spring right into your home.

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