Purify Collection: Just in Time for Fall

As the nights grow longer and the cool weather keeps us snuggled up at home more, there’s no better autumn companion than AromaTru’s Purify Collection. Not only does this collection pair well with scary movie nights and cozy cups of apple cider, but it also helps to purify the air. Let’s fall (pun intended) into this collection to see what it’s all about.


Air Purification with Essential Oils

While they aren’t as effective as air purifiers equipped with HEPA air filters, many people also turn to essential oils for their air cleaning capabilities. Valued for their potential to minimize microbial contamination and limit the growth of airborne bacteria, diffused essential oils can support a healthier indoor space. They may not totally eradicate bacteria, viruses, or smoke, but they’ll smell great as they make your bedroom or home office a little fresher!


The Purify Collection

The four essential oils of the Purify Collection are an excellent support system. Just in time for chilly weather, autumn allergies, and the beginning of cold and flu season, this collection boosts the body’s natural defenses and can help you feel better when you are congested. Whether you use them together or individually, they’ll come to the rescue for those needing cleaner air.


Organic Tea Tree Oil

Along with its purifying and soothing fragrance, Organic Tea Tree essential oil will dissipate odors and freshen up an indoor space. Many people swear by its ability to provide some relief when feeling under the weather.

Organic Eucalyptus Globulus Oil

Valued because it can refresh and cleanse air, Organic Eucalyptus Globulus is a go-to essential oil when you need to rid your indoor air of unpleasant or stale odors. This encourages easy breathing—in addition to the fact that this oil was used for centuries to help with boosting immunity.

Organic Lemon Oil

Citrus isn’t just a handy food source when you’re feeling under the weather; diffusing Organic Lemon essential oil can also be
helpful! When it imparts its bright, uplifting scent, the oil also works to refresh your indoor space and improve air quality.

Organic Black Spruce Oil

Perfect when resting in bed, Organic Black Spruce essential oil can transport you to a lush conifer forest with its intoxicating aroma. While it freshens up your indoor space with a sweet scent, it will encourage calming, soothing feelings.



Make Your Indoor Space as Pure as Possible

We spend a significant amount of our lives at home, so we should make it as pure and peaceful as possible. This is where AromaTru can help. We’re here to revolutionize fragrance diffusion and help you create the purified indoor space of your dreams.

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