Kick Off 2023 with the Inspire Collection

Essential Oils for Creativity and Inspiration


Are you celebrating 2023 with some New Year’s resolutions? We can help you stick with them by helping you create an atmosphere conducive towards achieving your goals this year. AromaTru’s Inspire Collection might be just what you need to feel uplifted, euphoric, and inspired. Here’s how:


Inspirational Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is centered around the idea that essential oils can serve a role in healing the body and spirit, and boosting well-being. With unique fragrances, they can do everything from supporting relaxation and encouraging a meditative state, to creating a euphoric mood and sparking creativity. As such, they’re an excellent place to turn for inspiration.

There are times in life when we require a little boost of inspiration. It’s why we may reach for another cup of coffee, curl up with an inspiring book, or chat with a motivational friend. We can also use essential oils to spark innovation, enthusiasm, and motivation. Recognizing this, our in-house expert aromatherapy advisor helped to curate a collection geared towards exactly that.


Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions with the Inspire Collection

2023 is a new year ready for new inspiration and a new you. The Inspire Collection features four essential oils to bring out the joie de vivre (exuberance of life) and help you achieve your goals.


Free Your Creative Energy


As it releases tension, the sweet herbaceous aroma of Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil will
work wonders to create a mildly euphoric feeling. Paired with a few other essential oils in the collection (Bergamot and Basil), it provides a comforting, warm fragrance
to support this year’s creative pursuits.

Embrace Your Carefree Nature

There may come a time in which your goals for the year don’t go according to plan. Fortunately, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil will be there as a pick-me-up. The fruity-green garden fragrance is known for its contribution to joyfulness and optimism—even when the daily grind may get you down.

Feel Relaxed and Uplifted

Whether your goal is to stick to a daily yoga practice or finally read that book you’ve been putting off, Organic Basil Essential Oil can help. The verdant Mediterranean fragrance is known to be a tonic for the nervous system, all while imparting a warming, easy-going feeling.

Uplift Your Emotional Heart

There are few fragrances more delightful than that of Organic Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil. It’s slightly sweet, slightly herbaceous, and ready to encourage a buoyant, heart-centered spirit.



You’re Ready to Accomplish Something

Insert one, or all four, oils of the Inspire Collection into your AromaTru waterless diffuser and you’ll have the support of scent to help you to accomplish all of your New Year’s goals. We’re cheering you on!

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