Keep Your Cool During the Hottest Heat Waves With These Essential Oils


With some of the hottest temperatures on record sweeping across the globe, we’re all scrambling for sustainable ways to keep ourselves and our families cool. Hydration is key! Keeping our blinds down and our fans on is a great start! But we wanted to know if essential oils could help, so we reached out to our expert aromatherapist, Gabriel Mojay, for the best essential oils to diffuse on hot summer days to beat the heat.


The Soothing Scent of Spearmint

Steam distilled from the Mentha spicata plant, Spearmint essential oil is sweetly minty and much more subtle than other members of the mint family. Named for its spear-shaped leaves, it is believed to be the oldest species of mint! Calming, harmonizing, and naturally cooling, Spearmint is the perfect base for a soothing aromatherapy session during a summer scorcher. Diffuse it alone or add it to a blend for its fresh and uplifting fragrance.


The Gentleness of Geranium

Native to South Africa, Geranium has been used by the indigenous peoples there for thousands of years to treat numerous medical conditions. Steam distilled from the leaves of the Pelargonium graveolens has been found to have antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent properties. Geranium essential oil has a luxurious, green-floral fragrance that is calming and comforting, and blends easily with our other cooling essential oils to help the whole family relax after some fun in the sun.


The Blissfulness of Bergamot

Bergamot essential oil excels in its ability to blend harmoniously with other scents. Steam distilled from the peels of the Citrus bergamia—a type of orange—it has a lightly citrusy, fruity, green fragrance. Though the Bergamot tree likely originated in Southeast Asia, it first came to prominence and received its name from the town of Bergamo in southern Italy. Now its essential oil is diffused to spread a feeling of easy-going optimism and joyfulness.


The Powerhouse of Peppermint

The most quintessentially cooling essential oil is none other than Peppermint. The Mentha piperita is a hybrid mint that’s a cross between spearmint and watermint and can be found naturally in North America and Europe. Its leaves are steam distilled to create an essential oil that is fresh, green, and… you guessed it: Minty! Excellent at refreshing any indoor environment, Peppermint essential oil also encourages mental clarity and focus. Diffuse it individually or together with our other cooling essential oils for a natural, sustainable way to find relief from all this heat.

With the AromaTru Waterless Diffuser, it’s easy to slip any of these  cooling essential oils onto the carousel to diffuse alone or all together to create the perfect soothing and cool environment you wish for your space. With no water to worry about and the guaranteed purity of the AromaTru USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted essential oils, you can relax as you bring your personalized aromatherapy experience to life. So, to keep cool this summer, hydrate, minimize sun exposure, and diffuse away!