Inspiration with Every Inhale: The Inspire Collection

Ever feel like you could use a little pick-me-up? Don’t we all! It’s all too easy to let the daily grind bring our spirits down. But the AromaTru Inspire Collection is here to change that. Here’s how this carefully curated collection works to provide some everyday invigoration in your life.



Essential Oils for Inspiration

It’s easy to find ourselves in need of a boost of inspiration and creativity. Fortunately, there are essential oils that can help quell mental fatigue, promote focus, and help us to get in the creative zone. From essential oils that promote a cheery disposition to those that can provide a much needed boost when we experience an energy drop; having a certain blend of essential oils on hand can provide support when we hit that 2pm slump.

This is what we had in mind while hand-selecting the organic essential oils for our Inspire Collection. Our creative pursuits are well-deserving of being supported—and the following four essential oils do exactly that.


The Inspire Collection

Diffused together or separately, the following handpicked essential oils are intended to support your joie de vivre. The French term can be understood as buoyant, vitalizing energy and an exuberance of spirit. Insert these organic essential oils into your AromaTru Waterless Diffuser carousel and get ready to experience the joy of living.


Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil

Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil has long been revered as a soothing and balancing oil. It promotes a sense of relaxation and euphoria with its comforting, warm, sweet-herbaceous fragrance. When you’re stressed, clary sage essential oil can be there to release tension and free your creative energy.

Organic Basil Essential Oil

Organic Basil Essential Oil is known as a tonic of the nervous system and for its ability to encourage an easy-going feeling. The warm, verdant Mediterranean fragrance is soothing as it helps to ease negative feelings and promotes focus. Relaxing and uplifting, basil essential oil is a perfect go-to to keep the creative juices flowing.

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil has a captivating citrusy aroma that simultaneously contributes to a calming and uplifting space. Every inhale of its fruity-green garden fragrance imparts feelings of joyful optimism. The bergamot plant may be delicate, but its inspiring fragrance is vibrant.

Organic Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil

Working to uplift the emotional heart, Organic Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil is a softer, gentler version of regular rosemary oil. Its refreshing and delightfully sweet herbaceous fragrance is both stimulating and regenerating. As it fills your space with verbena-scented aroma, this essential oil will also invigorate your spirit.



Take a Deep Breath, Feel Inspired

As you go about your creative endeavors, AromaTru and the Inspire Collection will be here to support you. These four organic essential oils help to encourage your very best self. Blend them separately or together, and be prepared to feel motivated, enlivened, and ready to tackle your wildest creative dreams.