In Honor Of Fragrance Week: 7 Days, 7 Fabulous Essential Oil Collections

At AromaTru, we believe that pure essential oils are nature’s gift to elevate your mood, energize and revitalize your spirit, and promote a healthy lifestyle. But whether you’re brand new to essential oils or have been using them for years, with so many beautiful fragrances and healthful benefits to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly which essential oil blends you might need from one day to the next. With that in mind, we’ve created a week-long, custom diffusion schedule, in honor of National Fragrance Week, using our AromaTru essential oil collections to help you on your journey to becoming your own aromatherapist.

Sundays Are For Resting… Right?

We’re not always great at keeping Sundays restful—who has the time?—but our Refresh Collection of essential oils can help you feel like you do. The soft, floral scent of Lavender, famous for its restorative qualities, is lifted by the Lemon, which boosts your mood and reduces stress. Paired with the refreshing, green scents of Peppermint and Eucalyptus, the Refresh Collection will clear your mind and leave you feeling renewed and revitalized—ready to take on anything the coming week has in store. 


Mondays Don’t Have To Be Manic

Let’s be honest… No matter how much we love our work, no one is ever quite ready for Monday to roll around. But that’s where the Arise Collection comes in! The gently awakening citrus fragrances of the Grapefruit and Lime promote optimism just when we need it the most. With the added freshness and uplifting qualities of Citronella and Spearmint, the Arise Collection can give you an extra boost at the beginning of a busy week. 

Totally Tenacious Tuesdays

By Tuesday, we’re revved and ready to go, motivated by the fact that at the end of the day we get tacos! That’s why for Tuesdays we recommend the Focus Collection. Rosemary is the essential oil of learning and remembrance, while Grapefruit offers a sweetness that allows for a balanced and calm capacity to focus. Combining those with Peppermint and Lemon, which are both mentally refreshing and clarifying, the Focus Collection is perfect for diffusing during work or study.

Beat Wednesday’s Slump

Tuesday was awesome! You got so much done! But hump day has hit and you need a little lift. Wednesday’s Balance Collection is just the ticket. This collection brings the calming effects of Geranium, the reviving qualities of Frankincense, and the carefree optimism that Sweet Orange imbues into perfect harmony with the ultimate blend harmonizer, Bergamot. We highly recommend you diffuse this essential oil collection anytime tension and disorder arise.

Make Thursdays Magical

By Thursday, you might be feeling sluggish and rundown, so let the Inspire Collection breathe new life into your day. Clary Sage essential oil offers a sense of euphoria and is known for freeing creative energy, while Basil is a famous tonic for the nervous system. When combined with Bergamot’s carefree essence and Rosemary’s ability to uplift the heart, this collection of essential oils is a balm for the weary soul. Diffuse the Inspire Collection and feel renewed and enlivened.

Fridays For The Win!

The four stress-relieving oils of the Unwind Collection are AromaTru’s answer to a demanding day, so what could be better to diffuse on Friday at the end of a demanding week? The Sweet Marjoram helps to relax and restore the nervous system while the Red Thyme gently revitalizes, bringing the steady energy you need to finish strong. Combined with calming and empowering Red Cedar and sweet, soothing Coriander seed, the Unwind Collection of essential oils is the perfect restorative blend.

Saturdays Are So Sweet

Finally! Saturday! Did you sleep in? No? Want to feel like you did? Let us introduce you to the Comfort Collection. With four essential oils cultivated specifically to bring you a feeling of calm contentment, this collection is the perfect way to start your weekend. The quintessentially calming Lavender blends beautifully with the soothing fragrance of Palmarosa, while the Sweet Orange instills a feeling of comfort and simplicity. To complete the blend, Ho Wood brings unity with its deeper, woody scent for a collection that offers peace and serenity.

Your Perfect Collection

Handcrafted by AromaTru’s own essential oil expert, Gabriel Mojay, each of these collections offer a wealth of pleasing scents and beneficial qualities. We hope the way we’ve paired them with the days of the week has helped you understand what they have to offer and inspired you to create your own diffusing schedule. Remember, using the AromaTru Waterless Essential Oil diffuser makes switching between oils or entire collections simple and easy, with no mess, fuss or cleanup. Start diffusing today!

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