Fall In Love With These Cozy Essential Oils 
For Autumn

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. The pumpkin spice has hit the shelves and the spooky movies have started to creep up on all of the streaming services. That’s right… Fall is here! And whether you’re excited for sweater-weather like me, or totally bummed by the end of Summer—or a little of both—essential oils are a great way to help transition through the season.



Refresh Your Space With Something Green

A great way to transition from one season to the next is to bring fresh, clean, green fragrances into your space. Two of our favorite essential oils that fit the bill are Organic Rosemary, with its refreshing, herbaceous scent, and Organic Bergamot, with its fruity green fragrance. Rosemary essential oil encourages confidence and purpose and Bergamot essential oil spreads a feeling of easy-going optimism and joyfulness, which makes them a perfect pairing. Diffuse them together or separately to refresh your space and revitalize your spirits!



Warm Back Up With Something Spicy

If it’s hard for you to transition from the heat of Summer to the cooler temperatures of Autumn, a simple way to help your body is to introduce warming fragrances into your aromatherapy sessions. Two of the best warming essential oils are Organic Cinnamon Leaf and Organic Ginger. Cinnamon Leaf essential oil, with its spicy sweetness, is invigorating and revitalizing. Perfect for when you’re feeling tired or sluggish. Ginger essential oil is spicy and pungent and offers a sense of reassurance. Diffuse them together to embrace the Fall and bring a warm and festive fragrance to any space.


Find Comfort With Something Woody

If you tend to find the shift to Autumn a little stressful with school starting back up and the holiday season fast approaching, what you might need are the grounding properties of some of our wood scents. Our Wildcrafted Red Cedar essential oil, with its warm, deep woody fragrance, invokes the peace and serenity of a cedar forest and brings with it an overall restorative effect. Our Wildcrafted Juniper essential oil smells fresh and greenly coniferous and is deeply soothing. Try pairing them with a warming essential oil like Cinnamon Leaf for a calming and restful aromatherapy session that just might make this time of the year a little less stressful.


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