Embracing The New Year

The first bright, sparkling weeks of 2024 have already flown by! We’re back to work, and back to school, and maybe even back to some routines that had already felt stale by the end of 2023. Sometimes it’s not easy to carry all of the energy and excitement of the holiday season and the New Year celebrations into the day-to-day of our new year, even with the best of resolutions. So, we want to help you shake off the post-holiday blues and embrace 2024 for everything you want it to be!



More Energy, More Passion

There are a lot of fun ways to bring a little more energy into our lives. Many of our New Year’s resolutions are designed to do just that, from new exercise goals to healthier habits around diet. Sometimes even those things feel like they require more energy than we have, but some simple tweaks to the state of our environment can help! Open up the windows to let the crisp, winter air refresh your living space, turn the volume up on your upbeat playlist, and try diffusing AromaTru’s Energize Collection. The Lemongrass is awakening, which will get you ready for the invigorating warmth of the Cinnamon and Ginger. Combined with the revitalizing tonic of Black Pepper, these essential oils are perfect for diffusing when you feel sluggish and want to create a more energized, uplifting atmosphere.


Stay Focused and Empowered

Maybe 2024 has you zeroed in on a specific project or you have a part of your routine that you know would benefit from a little more structure and attention. If that’s the case, turn to our Focus Collection. Rosemary, the essential oil of learning and remembrance, pairs with the sweet touch of Grapefruit to create a balanced and calm space to focus. Add the refreshing and clarifying properties of Peppermint and Lemon, and you have the perfect blend for diffusing during work or study. The Focus Collection will elevate any goal-oriented routine and help you approach tasks with new clarity and determination.


Find Balance In The Chaos

One thing we’re all always searching for a little more of is the right work-life balance, and now that we’ve offered ideas on bringing more energy and more focus into your life, it’s only right to tip the scale in the other direction. Amid all of the hustle of getting even more done, don’t forget to keep up with your self-care. A simple way to do so is to add the Balance Collection to your aromatherapy routine. This collection brings the calming effects of Geranium, the reviving qualities of Frankincense, and the carefree optimism that Sweet Orange imbues into perfect accord with the ultimate blend harmonizer, Bergamot. It’s the perfect collection of essential oils to diffuse when tension or disorder arise as its calming and uplifting qualities will bring a gentle, positive shift to any atmosphere.


Infuse Your Year With Inspiration

With so much we want to do and be in the new year, sometimes we might need a little boost to our environment. Diffuse the Inspire Collection to breathe new life into your surroundings. Clary Sage essential oil offers a sense of euphoria, while Basil has a warm, easy-going fragrance. When combined with Bergamot’s carefree essence and Rosemary’s ability to uplift, this collection of essential oils will infuse your space with positivity and inspiration, so you can make this year into anything you want it to be!


Your Perfect Collection

As you navigate your new routine for 2024, remember that you have the power to infuse each moment with exactly the energy you want to bring it. At AromaTru, we believe that pure essential oils are nature’s gift to help you do just that. Handcrafted by AromaTru’s own essential oil expert, Gabriel Mojay, each of the collections suggested here offers a wealth of pleasing scents and beneficial qualities. And you can always breathe easy knowing AromaTru’s essential oils are always USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free. Remember, using the AromaTru Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser makes switching between oils or entire collections simple and easy, with no mess, fuss, or cleanup.