Diffusing Organic Essential Oils for a Holiday Home

The decorations can stop collecting dust because the time for celebrations and entertaining is here! As anyone who has hosted a dinner party or family movie night knows, you must cater to all the senses. While you bake the holiday cookies and hang sparkling lights, AromaTru can take care of the perfect holiday scent. Here are some festive fragrances and diffuser blends to consider.

13 Enchanting Organic Essential Oils for the Holidays

The top essential oils for the holidays include a few obvious choices, like pine, cinnamon, and peppermint. But there are also some unlikely candidates that deserve a spot in your Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa celebrations. Consider these 13 essential oils when getting ready for a holiday celebration.




Getting Ready for Entertaining with 4 Festive Diffuser Blend Ideas

When you’re preparing for gift-opening festivities or a shared meal with loved ones, you can enhance the holiday gathering experience by diffusing an essential oil blend or using the above individual oils in a fragrant room spray. Be sure to experiment with your favorite blend before guests arrive so that you don’t make something that’s too overpowering or not strong enough to be detected.

To help with a warm welcome—especially if you may be busy in the kitchen—consider placing the diffuser in your entryway. Alternatively, you may want to place a diffuser where guests will be gathered for long periods of time.

As we were excitedly awaiting snowfall and joyous moments with loved ones, we came up with these 4 diffuser blends that are sure to bring you joy for the holidays!



1. Home for the holidays blend

Make your indoor space really feel like home when you gather with loved ones or curl up with a cozy cup of hot chocolate. To uplift the environment with the ambiance associated with the holidays, pair Organic Pine Essential Oil and Organic Ginger Essential Oil with Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil. They can be joined by Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, to bring refreshing aromas that help to comfort the mind and soul.



2. O Christmas tree blend

When getting ready for guests, consider diffusing Organic Pine Essential Oil and Organic Black Spruce Essential Oil for the purifying vitality they bring in their forest-like fragrances. Mood-refreshing Organic Peppermint Essential Oil can join the fragrance mix, to encourage focus and clarity. This blend will also help to mask any unwanted scents from cooking.




3. There arose such a clatter blend

Essential oils can be combined to help you sleep through reindeers on the roof—or encourage relaxation as excited kids wait to open presents. Organic True Lavender Essential Oil is a go-to for calmness and relaxation. It can be paired with fresh Organic Spearmint Essential Oil and Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, which encourages tranquility and contemplation.



4. Celebrate good times blend

To combat the sedative effects of a big feast, you can load your diffuser with rejuvenating, stimulating essential oils. Organic Rosemary Essential Oil can help you stay alert during long nights of celebrations and days filled with movie marathons. Warm, uplifting Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil can help to combat sluggishness. Round out the blend with Organic Balsam Fir Essential Oil to revive mind and spirit and Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil to uplift and instill a carefree mood.



Too busy with holiday shopping to curate the perfect holiday blend? Let AromaTru’s Holiday Essential Oil Collection play “Santa’’ for you. The four essential oils were handpicked by our Aromatherapy essential oil renowned expert, Gabriel Mojay, to create a warm atmosphere of sweet, uplifting comfort. The AromaTru Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Happy Holidays!