Curated Collections: Craft The Perfect Essential Oil Blends

Want some expert assistance in selecting your diffuser essential oils to blend? With so many unique fragrances and aromatherapy benefits to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which bottles (or four!) to use together. To help optimize your aromatherapy experience, AromaTru has expertly-curated Essential Oil Collections . Let’s explore a few of the most popular ones.

The Benefits of Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

AromaTru is unique in that it makes it easy to diffuse up to 4 different essential oils at once. You can exert creative freedom, by handpicking your own blends from more than 40 USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted individual essential oils.

Using the app, you can then schedule diffusion duration and frequency. If you want a morning blend, that’s possible. If you’d like to return home to certain fragrances, the app can make that happen, too!

But if you’re just starting out, or you have a specific blend experience in mind, we can help you out. With our Essential Oil Collections, we can help you restore mental and emotional balance and uplift mind and spirit through specific essential oils.

AromaTru’s Diffuser Essential Oil Blends


If you’re wondering about which essential oils to diffuse, you can’t go wrong with this Comfort blend. Ready to make home truly feel like home, it’s ideal for all occasions and gentle enough for all households and scent preferences.

It includes some of the most treasured essential oils, as well as some you might not be as familiar with (but should definitely be introduced to!)


If you’re wanting a scent profile that restores your mind and spirit, the Purify blend is here to help. It’s perfect for someone who’s feeling a little under the weather and could use a little aromatherapy pick-me-up, as it boosts the body’s natural defense system.

Also ideal for freshening up a space after cooking, the blend features cleansing, restoring essential oils:


Our homes should feel like our sanctuaries. The Refresh blend provides the fragrance to match indoor spaces that are truly ours. It combines enlivening oils as well as those that are associated with calming effects to provide a truly balanced scent profile.

Containing the most popular essential oils, the Refresh blend is a musthave in any home:

After experimenting with these popular blends, get creative and create your own! AromaTru makes it easy for you to create unique blends and set the mood-enhancing light ring to create perfect moments exactly when and where you want them.

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