Cultivating Your New Healthy Habits

Welcome to 2023! Between New Year’s resolutions and that feeling of having a clean slate, it’s the perfect time to cultivate new healthy habits. You can take steps toward becoming a better version of yourself. We’ve put together some things to think about as you cultivate healthy habits that last.


Think Small & Successful

While the excitement of the holidays may have you feeling ready for grand plans, try to stick with habits that are achievable. Sure, you may dream of one day running a marathon, but you could end up discouraged if your daily runs are limited to a mile.

You can eventually build up to larger goals, but it’s better to start with those that will bring success. It isn’t very sustainable to consistently feel let down for not meeting your goals, after all.

Incremental increases in your achievable goals can eventually get you to that marathon—and they’ll make it more likely for you to stick with your new healthy habits.


Know Your “Why”

It’s all well and good to proclaim plans for eating healthier, staying off the phone more often, or getting 8 hours of sleep. But be sure to understand why you want to bring these habits into your life

Say you’ve noticed that you waste time when mindlessly scrolling through social media. Or, it’s taken a toll on your personal relationships. Perhaps it simply means that you’re spending more time sitting on the couch!

When you have reasons like these in the back of your mind, they’ll provide motivation to help you stick with your new habits. It’s all too easy to revert to thoughts like “I’ll start this habit tomorrow.” But armed with your “why,” you’ll be more likely to fight excuses and set-backs that may come your way


Incorporate Regularity and Rewards

Doing your new healthy habit daily will help to reinforce it. Once you’ve built up a week or month of regularly doing something, you’ll be less likely to drop out. Eventually it will be ingrained in your daily routine—you may not even notice that your new habit has become an automatic part of your life!

So, if even just for a few minutes, try to do your habit as regularly as possible. To keep you on track, you can also reward yourself. Your rewards don’t have to be grand prizes—they could be as simple as stopping for a weekly coffee at your favorite cafe after a workout, or diving into a new and exciting audiobook as you take a daily walk.


Transform Your Home into a Sanctuary

You know what can be a barrier to healthy habit formation? Stress. Chaos. Unrest.

When you create a space in your home that’s conducive to peace, tranquility, and wellness, you’ll have a place to go when things seem out of hand. Having a stressful day at work may fight against your new healthy eating plan. But if you can spend a few minutes in a peaceful environment, you can shake off the day and continue with your new habit.

To help bring calmness and serenity into your home, consider these organic essential oils:


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Cultivating a new healthy habit can be hard. Sticking with it can be even harder. When you’re juggling life and your 2023 plans, let AromaTru’s waterless diffuser take care of making your indoor space yours. With minimal maintenance requirements and the ease that comes with its paired app, it’ll make it a breeze to create a spa-like experience in any room in the home—so that you have more time working on you.

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