Breathe Easier This Cold Season With The Purify Collection of Essential Oils

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As we rush headlong back to school and into colder weather, seasonal allergies and the dreaded cold season can really take their toll. This time of year is a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves (and our little ones) of healthy habits like proper hand washing and taking time to rest when we need it. It’s also a great time to introduce cleansing essential oils into our aromatherapy routines, and the Purify Collection has them all. Formulated specifically to purify the air, the essential oils in this collection have the perfect qualities to help you thrive this time of year, so let us introduce you to them!





The Deep Ease of Eucalyptus

The Deep Ease of Eucalyptus

Used for centuries to boost the immune system and fight congestion, Organic Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil has a fresh, sweet-camphoraceous scent. Renowned for its ability to help clear the airways, diffuse it to cleanse and refresh the air in any space and to encourage deep and easy breathing.



The Purifying Power of Tea Tree

Organic Tea Tree essential oil is invigorating and uplifting, the perfect essential oil for the changing season! Diffuse it alone or with the rest of the essential oils in the Purify Collection to help keep your home as clean and pure as possible.


The Cleansing Nature of Lemon

The Cleansing Nature of Lemon

Organic Lemon essential oil is clarifying and can help the mind focus through the sluggishness that comes hand-in-hand with the allergies and colds so common this time of year. So, diffuse Lemon essential oil for its bright, citrus scent, its powerful, cleansing nature, and to help your system fight through the season!


The Soothing Scent of Black Spruce

Organic Black Spruce essential oil completes and unites the Purify Collection with its sweet-coniferous freshness. Another essential oil that may help you breathe a little easier, Black Spruce’s ability to calm and relax is where this oil really shines. Diffuse it alone to bathe your space in the soothing scent of the conifer forest or with the other essential oils in the Purify Collection to help boost the air quality of any indoor space.


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