Beat The Summer Bug-Bite Blues With These Essential Oils

Big mosquito bites on little legs can ruin an otherwise magical summer day, but a lot of us have understandable concerns about the safety of chemical insect repellents, especially around our families. The great news is many plants—and the essential oils derived from them—have properties that offer natural, irritation-free alternatives for keeping the nibbling summer bugs away!



Learning From The World

For thousands of years, people around the world have been using plants to help keep mosquitoes and other biting, disease-carrying insects away from their homes and families. In Thailand alone, scientists have identified 37 plant species within 14 plant families that have insect repelling properties, many of which are specifically cultivated in home gardens to keep the bugs at bay. Others are used to make incense, as it’s their aromatic smoke that makes the environment inhospitable to mosquitos.




Some Surprise Contenders

Speaking of Thailand, one essential oil that’s great at keeping the buggie-blues away is Lemongrass, a common ingredient in Thai cuisine. Its scent is lemony-fresh and has a purifying effect on any indoor atmosphere. Diffuse it alone or with other bug-beating essential oils to start protecting your home and family. Another surprising scent that has been found to repel mosquitos is none other than the queen of calming essential oils, Lavender.

Lightly floral and sweetly herbal, Lavender essential oil’s benefits just keep piling up. Diffuse it to instill a sense of relaxation and know you’re also doing a little to keep the bugs away. Eucalyptus essential oil, which is so great at creating a fresh environment from its evergreen scent, is also an effective bug repellent, especially when used in conjunction with Lavender!


The Heavy Hitters

The most common naturally derived insect repellent is, of course, Citronella. Utilized for centuries in China, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka for its numerous healing benefits, Citronella is a powerful fighter against the mosquito. Though you’ll often see it in candles, diffusing Citronella essential oil is a cleaner way to use this mighty plant, filling your space with its sweet, lemony scent without any unwanted ingredients.

But the real powerhouse of mosquito-repelling essential oils is Lemon Eucalyptus. The only essential oil officially listed by the Centers For Disease Control as an effective, long-lasting mosquito repellent, Lemon Eucalyptus’s scent is bright, sweet, and lemony and actively masks the scent of human skin. In essence, it hides you from the mosquitos! Diffuse Lemon Eucalyptus alone or create your own combination of bug-be-gone essential oils and keep any space safe from the summertime bug-bite blues!

Try any of these mosquito repelling essential oils in your AromaTru Waterless Diffuser either alone or in combination and breathe easy! With the atomizing system diffusing straight from the bottle, you never have to worry about the mold and other toxins that may be present in standing water. And with the guaranteed purity of AromaTru’s USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted essential oils, your only focus will be on creating your own perfect, fully customized aromatherapy experience.