4 Essential Oils for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking forward to a little romance this Valentine’s Day, leave it to the Sensual essential oils collection to set the mood. Research shows that olfactory stimulation enhances romantic encounters. The olfactory lobe, which is what enables us to experience the sense of smell, is part of the body’s limbic system, also known as the “emotional brain,” where feelings of desire originate.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence pointing to the romantic essential oils of patchouli, ylang ylang, geranium and rhododendron leaf as prime candidates for creating a romantic environment—and that’s why we chose them for the AromaTru Sensual Collection.

Here, we look at each of these oils, how they evoke amorous feelings, and how you can use the AromaTru Sensual collection to turn up the heat on February 14 (and beyond!).

Patchouli essential oil

Extracted from the leaves and stems of the herbaceous plant of the same name, patchouli essential oil has a spicy, earthy scent with a hint of sweet and woody scents. It’s long been used as ideal for setting a romantic scene, thanks to its calming properties and heady, exotic aroma. Patchouli is believed to stimulate the production of delight and pleasure. Read More.


Ylang ylang essential oil

Fresh, fruity, and flowery, ylang ylang essential oil comes from the tropical, flowering Cananga tree. It’s often used as a top note in perfumes due to its potent, pleasing scent. Ylang ylang is a mood-boosting oil that’s been shown to alleviate feelings of tension. It’s been a folk remedy for – reducing arousal apprehension for centuries. Read More.

Geranium essential oil

Pressed from the leaves of the popular pink flower bearing the same name, geranium essential oil has a slightly sharp, floral scent with a hint of rose and a whisper of lemon. Like patchouli and ylang ylang, geranium essential oil has long been used as a love potion. It relaxes and heightens the senses, and it helps improve blood circulation to enhance physical sensation. Read More.


Rhododendron leaf essential oil

Made from the flowers and leaves of the rhododendron plant, rhododendron essential oil has a sweet, green scent with a floral note and woody undertones. It’s known for its soothing and grounding effects on the brain, including attentiveness in the moment, which is important for any meaningful romantic encounter. Read More.


How to use the AromaTru Sensual collection

You can use and enjoy essential oils in a variety of ways, but when it comes to cavorting, these are your best bets for getting the most out of the Sensual collection:

In the diffuser: Love is in the air

Use a diffuser to disperse the scent molecules of the Sensual Collection into the air, and fill the room with the scent of love. If you use the AromaTru Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser, just insert the bottles into the carousel—there’s room for all four—and settle in for a cozy evening with the ones you love best.

Intimacy is a form of self-care, and when it’s not in the cards, try other soul-pampering essential oils, including our Purify Collection, which includes the tension-reducing Black Spruce essential oil, and our Slumber Collection, featuring True Lavender and other sleep-promoting oils. GET YOUR SENSUAL COLLECTION TODAY!

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