What People are Saying

Beautifully scented. I tried the Refresh pack and it has all my favorites: lavender, lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus. All the oils I typically purchase. The scent of each is amazing and I’m so glad they’re both organic and wildcrafted. Highly recommend!

Really happy with this purchase! I love the collection.s available. I got REFRESH, and think all four are perfect for revitalizing. In addition to using a diffuser at home, I also like to add a drop of this essential oil to my crochet air plants to hang in my car and office. It’s perfect!

Not overpowering, I’ve been sleeping better. At night with allergies I use 2 drops and worked to make my sleep better and allergies better.


Meet Mojay

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Legend
  • International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA), Founding Co-Chair
  • Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, Author
  • International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy, Associate Editor
  • Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA), Principal

Gabriel Mojay has dedicated 35 years of his life to helping people like you enjoy the healing benefits of aromatherapy with his focus on providing you sustainable, non-toxic sources of pure essential oils.

When he’s not deep in the jungles of Belize or in the jasmine fields of South East Asia, he’s working with AromaTru to expertly curate essential oil combinations to ensure you get access to the undeniable health benefits that clean and pure essential oils can provide.


If you diffuse their oils, synthetic chemicals go into the air you breathe! Unfortunately, no matter how you use most oils, unwanted chemicals and solvents are part of your experience.

Do you want a better, healthier option?

AromaTru brings you the unadulterated, PURE, revitalizing power of nature, right into your home.

We use oils responsibly sourced from USDA Certified Organic plants; or Wildcrafted plants grown in pristine, undisturbed areas.

All AromaTru essential oils are tested for Purity, Quality, and Safety.

They are sent to a 3rd party certified lab for identity and purity testing. We only release oils for bottling if they pass these tests, and no adulterants are present.

For your Health, and Peace of Mind, use our Organic, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils that meet the Highest Standards anywhere.