AromaTru uses an exclusive waterless diffusion technology that passes a stream of air over a droplet of oil to atomize an ultra-fine mist of essential oils directly into the environment.

Unlike old fashioned water diffusers, AromaTru atomizes up to four essential oils directly from their bottles. Pure diffusion—exactly when and where you want it.

When essential oils are atomized, they saturate the air in their purest form, without dispersing impurities found in tap water like chlorine, fluoride and lead. And without the oxidizing effect of water, which may degrade the subtle properties of essential oils.

AromaTru atomizing diffuser

Standard Ultrasonic Diffuser


Only pure essential oil is used, of organic and wild-harvested origin

Tap water is generally used, which contains numerous impurities


Delivers a hi-fidelity symphony of pure essential oil fragrance

Pleasant but weak, lacking aromatic richness and diffusive power


Makes available sufficient aerial concentration of essential oil for optimized impact on mind, body & spirt

The aerial concentration of essential oil is insufficient to produce an optimized essential oil experience


Only pure essential oil is diffused, and the diffuser is free of water, so oils retain their antioxidant action

As water is used, and serves as a medium for diffusion, essential oils become more prone to oxidation

Ease of Use

Rarely needs cleaning, change fragrance at the touch of a button, almost unlimited run time

Requires frequent cleaning, must be emptied and refilled to change fragrances, limited run time

Room Size

Effective in small to very large rooms

Only effective in smaller rooms.


Flexible mechanical controls plus unlimited flexibility through the AromaTru App

Extremely limited mechanical controls

AromaTru can also be used with any brand of essential oils supplied in standard 15 ml essential oil bottles although it will lose some of its charming and handy smart functions.