Here’s why this brand new essential oil diffuser is breaking the internet

From the team that brought you the AirDoctor Pro and the AquaTru, the team at Ideal Living has just announced the AromaTru Smart Essential Oil Diffuser which was just released on May 1, 2022

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AromaTru Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

Not All Diffusers are Created Equal

If you search on Amazon today, there are over 400 pages of listings for essential oil diffusers, some as low as $3. So what makes the AromaTru special?

Let’s dive in further. There are four main types of diffusers that are produced for the purpose of diffusing essential oils, which are nebulizing, ultrasonic, heat, and evaporative diffusers. The lower cost models you will find on Amazon are generally based on heat or ultrasonic diffusers.

These diffusers typically need water, and if you are not using purified or distilled water, it can potentially release harmful chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and lead into the air. The scent will also typically be weaker compared to other diffusion methods, and heating essential oils actually changes its chemical properties meaning that the oils will not give you the same benefits that non-heated oils provide.

Waterless diffusers are an advancement in diffusion technology. The AromaTru utilizes nebulizing technology that passes a stream of air over a droplet of oil to atomize an ultra-fine mist of essential oils directly into the environment. This means that only pure essential oil is diffused, and the diffuser is free of water so oils retain their antioxidant action. Because there is no water, the device rarely needs to be cleaned so maintaining your AromaTru is a breeze.

Easily Create Blends with Multi Oil Chamber Functionality

One of the biggest features to come to the AromaTru Smart Essential Oil diffuser is the multi chamber input nozzles.

One of the biggest complaints about water based diffusion is that when someone blends two or more oils together, that becomes the new “flavor” of the diffuser. Because these oils are generally pure, they are extremely aromatic so it is much more difficult to change oils without deep cleaning the device.The AromaTru Smart Essential Oil Diffuser has 4 nozzles that allow the user to experiment, create new blends on the fly, with the push of a button! We have brought on top essential oil experts in the industry to help create the perfect blends.

Your Connected Essential Oil Diffuser

We have meticulously crafted a connected smartphone app which allows our customers to:

  • Remotely control the Diffuser
  • Create, save and schedule custom blends
  • Activate a quick start schedule
  • Schedule wake up and wind down light alarms
  • Learn more about each AromaTru Essential Oil

Don’t Miss Out!

Our supplies are limited due to supply chain issues and we anticipate incredibly high demand, so don’t miss out on this next generation essential oil diffusion product. Click here to buy today.

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