Download The AromaTru
App On Your Smartphone

Download the AromaTru App on Your Smartphone

AromaTru App Features

Adjust the Intensity and Timing of the Spray

Compatible with a variety of room sizes.

SmartSense Fragrance Technology

Recognizes individual AromaTru essential
oils so it’s easy to create and save custom
blends with the oil wheel.

Create Different Blends and Schedules

Use the AromaTru App to create unique blends and schedules for different diffusers in different rooms in your home.

Click to Edit Your
Diffuser Schedule

Swipe left to delete a schedule.
Click on it to edit. Easy!

Schedule Your Diffuser for Up to 24-hours

Fragrance you set and forget.

Use Your Own Fragrances!

Standard 15 ml Essential Oil Bottles Can Be Used
with AromaTru’s Carousel.

Essential Oil Guide

Offers Suggestions to Create the Ideal Blend
for Every Mood.