Give the gift of Waterless Aromatherapy

Give the gift of
Waterless Aromatherapy
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Find out what Sets AromaTru Diffusers Apart


Requires you to fill up a bowl with water regularly
No mold concerns because there is no standing water

Mold begins growing within 24 hours; invades every surface and contaminates the air

Constant cleaning not required

Should be wiped down after each use as well as a deep clean twice each month
No risk of inhaling forever chemicals
Water can contain forever chemicals you inhale
Purity of the oils provides stronger aroma
Fragrance is weaker
Longer-lasting fine mist of pure essential oil
Fragrance does not last long
Customize your fragrance combinations
Difficult to create custom fragrance blends
No measuring drops
Must measure drops
You never have to touch the oils with your hands
Sticky, messy and can spill or get onto your hands or surfaces
AromaTru can also be used with any brand of essential oils supplied in standard 15 ml oil bottles although it will lose some of its charming and handy smart functions.
AromaTru is Available With Wi-Fi or Without Wi-Fi
Create your own spa experience
It’s a Wi-Fi App world...but not for everyone. That’s why we’ve created two different versions of AromaTru. Customize your experience with your phone or with the on device controls.
MODEL Comparison
AromaTru without Wi-Fi
AromaTru with Wi-Fi
Waterless diffuser turns fragrance into a fine mist
Diffuse up to 4 oils on the carousel
Customize your fragrance combinations
Works manually with most 15ml bottles of fragrance
Dimensions: 5" x 9"; fills every room with fragrance
Customizable light ring helps support and enhance mood
Constant cleaning not required
No mold, no standing water
No risk of inhaling pesticides or hormone disrupters*
No risk of inhaling mold and forever chemicals
100% BPA-free
Use with carousel cover or without
Longer-lasting fine mist of pure essential oil
Schedule custom blends and adjust the intensity and timing via Smart App
Schedule your diffuser for up to 24 hours
*When using guaranteed-pure AromaTru Essential Oils
Where Has This Been All My Life? David R.
I gave up on essential oil diffusers because they were anything but relaxing–constantly adding water, drops, etc. This is completely effortless, and the oils last a long time. Now from the comfort of the couch, I just fire up the app, select the Mercury In Retrograde mix I programmed, and hit play.
Best On The Market Brian B.
It’s truly the perfect design and function. Ease of use and efficient operation. It doesn’t get any easier, nor the choice any simpler.
You’re gonna love it!
I love this diffuser it works great!! Tim R.
I love this diffuser it works great!! I will most definitely recommend your products to friends and family members.
Very easy to set up and use Kathryn S.
Very easy to set up and use and no mess diffusing. I haven’t noticed any residual oil on the table or anywhere else.